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Abbaye de Cluny

Founded by William the Pious, Duke of Aquitaine, in 910, the abbey is then placed under the protection of Rome. At the end of the 11th century, Cluny Abbey will be one of the most important capitals of Christian Europe, with 1400 dependencies and 10 000 monks throughout Europe. With its 177m long, Cluny Abbey remained the largest religious building in Europe for 5 centuries.

At the Revolution, the monks will be expelled then the abbey will be sold as national property in 1798. It remains today only part of the buildings, protected nowadays under the Historic Monuments.

We recommend you during your visit:
the facade of the palace of Pope Gelasius
the splendid view of the south transept of the Cluny III church, a remnant of a building to an enormous size
inside the southern transept of Cluny III, the past splendor of architecture still surprises
The open houses, a major element of Cluny's civil architecture, link between private life and public life, symbol of wealth and social class
Exhibitions and concerts are also regularly organized.

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